Black Lives Matter Louisville is a collective of Black and Brown organizers that work in a fusion for Black Louisville to build and rise up our communities from our different platforms. While maintaining our various scopes, we can affirm that #AllBlackLivesMatter.


Over the past 4 years, our organizing has revealed several issues in and around Black Louisville. We understand that reform is a promise, but it is not one that we can rely on to sustain Black people, Black bodies or to produce Black Liberation. We believe in building new systems built on principles that support the transformation of Black lives.


We have 4 main squads/teams that support the work of Black Louisville communities: Education, Healing, Housing, and Police Accountability Team. Each team is a collective of organizers within BLM Louisville and our social justice coalition Stand Up Sunday,  Black Louisville Community Leaders and Support Leaders who help build work around our manifestos and goals. Each team has lead some extensive work from pushing policy change at JCPS to fighting against the Good Ol’ Boy system within LMPD, creating the Mae Street Healing Clinic to supporting renters in their time of need. To providing bail to those targeted by the judicial system and to forcing the Lincoln Village Regional Detention center to close after the death of Gynnya McMillan.  




-Education Team: BLM Louisville is apart of a Community Collective Education action team composed of different community activist and organizations. We hold JCPS accountable on it's productivity around Black and Brown students and the communities that they come from. 

-Current Campaigns: 



-Housing Team: Our mission of our housing team is to combat generational poverty and marginalization of home ownership that exists for Black people in the city. We believe a foundation for racial justice and equity begins when wealth is redistributed, and reparations given by people who have historically benefited from systems of white supremacy, colonialism and capitalism.


-Current Campaigns: Our housing team works to find properties that could be purchased with the goal of individual family ownership or spaces which could be developed for the use of community infrastructure. We focus on properties with abandonment, pre-abandonment, and  tax liens, so we reduce the number of vacant properties in our community, while keeping the needed resources to invest relatively low.  This increases the possibilities for Black families to acquire property from us at no or little cost; as well as the boundless possibilities at which impacted community members who seek communal ventures to minimize their start up capital on property. Our funding is supplied by white donors who know that reparations are real and that property obtainment has been a continual white supremacist tactic to eliminate Black people from the very communities we have built.


-Healing Team: We are one of a handful of cities in America with a Racial/Intersectional trauma center run by people of color with solely therapists of color on call. The center is known as the Collective Care Center ("CCC"). The center operates on a sliding scale as low as $5, and for those unable to pay that to get their healing needs met, we have a healing scholarship that will cover the costs. We also have connections with community partners that specialize in acupuncture, massage, holistic healing, and other naturalistic methods. We do outreach to the community with regard to the destigmatization of mental illness, education on mental health and coping techniques/individual healing. 


-Police Accountability: BLM Louisville whole heartedly believes that the abolishment of the police is necessary for Black self determination. We believe that people have the instincts to govern themselves without the ever presence of law enforcement. We are also cognizant that the current structure of law enforcement and the judicial system is one that was created from the genocide of Brown, indigenous folks of these lands and the chattel enslavement of Black people.

-Current Campaigns: 

-Louisville Community Bail Fund

-Juvenile Justice community accountability

-supporting families of loved killed by the police



While our teams grow and squad tactics strengthen, (from funding to base building) we stay committed to the #staylowandbuild- for better understanding, the foundation that eliminates the root causes of our oppression.

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