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Justice for Janaya Gregory

Updated: May 10, 2019

On April 12, Donna Durning, a habitual anti-choice protestor, staged a fall while harassing Janaya Gregory at EMW Women's Surgical Center; the only abortion clinic in Kentucky.

Durning stands constant, 5 days a week, at EMW harassing women seeking services at EMW. She is known for body blocking, pushing car doors on women and escorts, even spitting and throwing things at people.

Support for Janaya is important because the repression surrounding Black Women and femmes (MAGEs) reproductive choices are costing us our lives.

The constant violence at reproductive health clinics is alarming. Folx seeking services for their reproductive health should not invite violence, but it does in the name of Christianity.

Durning is a volunteer for the Kentucky Right to Life Association. This group has repeatedly performed violent acts as they habitually cause obstruction in front of EMW. KRLA supports its members as they harass patients and supporters of patients seeking services.

Here is the media toolkit we will be using to amplify support for Janaya, but also condemn the media support for Durning.

The fundraiser is HERE

If you'd like to support, please email us

If you've been harassed by Durning, also please contact us.


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